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6.1 Confusion

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I have a Cambridge DVD Player that has 5.1 Analog Outputs that is
running to my Cambridge Audio Receiver that is 6.1. I am only running a

5.1 set up.

My question is when I'm running a movie or DVD audio disk in DTS or
Analog it shows 6.1 channels running on my Receiver. Am I actually
losing a channel and missing out on some sounds?

Should I still to the Dolby option which shows 5.1 on my reciever.

I hope I'm making sense here. I do notice a big sound difference
between the Dolby option and analog option. The analog being much

Thanks in Advance.


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6.1 has a rear center channel. You aren't necessarily "missing"
anything as a lot of the sound is duplicated elsewhere in the rear
channel, but it is nice to have.

- Jordan

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Thanks Jordon. It seems that you are the only one that understood my

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