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Cooler Master Hyper 6+

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The Hyper 6+ faired well against the NT02, but its 100mm fan placed higher up in the heatsink frame couldn't keep the system temps the NT02 had to offer. While performance may be the most important factor for CPU coolers, we can't neglect simplicity. If its hard to install, users won't buy it. The Hyper 6+ was not the easiest cooler to install. It was more difficult to install and it would most certainly be nice if future revisions could simplify the install procedure.
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I agree with what was written in the conclusion of the above review.
I really like CoolerMaster innovative ideas and cool design, but it seems that their products (most of them, not all) are lacking the ease of installation.
Sometimes, the installation of CoolerMaster products is complex and can be a real pain in the as*. This is one thing that the guys at CoolerMaster should really take into consideration on their future products.
Besides that, I really like their products.
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THeir Products are good, but every Massive heatsink it going to be hard to install, u can't do it any other way, though they should have made it as easy as screwing them to the Rear Mount (the cases mount) that would make it easier
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