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Re: Hammond's SPOG SCIENTIFICALLY falsefied

fwd: from Erik
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On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 14:14:55 +0200, "erik" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>"George Hammond" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>news:(E-Mail Removed).. .
>> On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 10:49:37 GMT, George Hammond
>> <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>>On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 11:46:00 +0200, "erik" <(E-Mail Removed)>
>>>>"George Hammond" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>>>>news:(E-Mail Removed) m...
>>>>> This is a research question.
>>>>> I want to make a video which will be "invisble to kids" but
>>>>> "visible to adults".
>>>>> Theory says this is possible because the PFF
>>>>> (picture fusion frequency) of adults is around 15 frames/sec,
>>>>> while the PFF of a 7 year old kid is only 10 frames/sec.
>>>>> OK, I can't use AVI, or MPEG or any kind of
>>>>> "computer video" system because they are too slow
>>>>> and tend to compress frame/rates unpreditably....
>>>>> I have to use good old fashioned VHS tape and
>>>>> play it on a VCR.
>>>>> How can I most simply EDIT a VHS tape?
>>>>> What I want to do is take "any ole" average VHS
>>>>> movie tape, and simply REPLACE some frames on
>>>>> it, and then play it on my VCR.
>>>>> How can I most EASILY do this?
>>>>> Specifically, if I have a regular VHS video movie,
>>>>> I wish REPLACE every 3rd,4th,5th,6th
>>>>> frame of the video with "blank" frames
>>>>> (say colored light gray)... so the tape will
>>>>> look like this:
>>>>> 01|02|...|...|...|...|07|08|...|...|...|...|13|14| ...|...|...|...|19|20|...|..|...|...|25|26|...|... |...|...|-------etc,etc,etc------>
>>>>> the |...| frames have been REPLACED in the original video
>>>>> with these new "blank" (light gray) frames.
>>>>> HOW CAN I DO THIS.... what type of equipment, computers, VCR's
>>>>> etc do I need to do this?
>>>>> Could a run of the mill commercial video lab alter a VHS tape
>>>>> for me in this specific way?
>>>>> Thanks in advance, George Hammond
>>>>I think that trying the "computer" way is worth a shot. You can
>>>>an AviSynth script that would blank the frames and then encode the
>>>>result to mpeg. I think you can even force I frames to be at the
>>>>significant frames.
>>> Erik.... thanks for responding. I am a physicist, who discovered
>>>this idea, but I know beans about practical video stuff. This idea
>>>has been widely discussed on the physics newsgroups, but none of
>>>know anything about practical video matters.
>>> If it works, it may point the way to making "childproof X-rated
>>>entertainment".... think about it... the amount of programming
>>>effected on public t.v. would be enormous. Big bucks!
>>> Of course the idea I'm proposing here is just a "simple
>>> experiment"
>>>to try and find out something about the phenomenon.
>>> The problem with AVI, MPEG and other "computer" video systems is
>>>that most people (including me) are using old 200, or 400 mc CPU
>>>computers with run of the mill graphics cards... and they are just
>>>slow.... they "compress" the frame rates unpredictably.... AVI only
>>>runs at 12 frames/sec on my computer for instance. This will
>>>OBLITERATE the effect which depends on running at
>>>TRUE 30 FRAMES/SEC VIDEO SPEED (like t.v.) !
>>>As I see it, the only way I can GUARANTEE that the video is actually
>>>running at "true 30 frames/sec" speed is to do the experiment using
>>>VHS video on a VCR.
>>>Isn't there some way to "edit" a vido on a computer, and then load
>>>on to a VHS tape?
>>>You do see what the problem is, right? I have to be SURE the vido
>>>that I produce is actually running at 30 frames/sec...!
>>>George Hammond

>> [Hammond]
>> PS:
>> What about these new graphical "video editing" programs I see
>> advertised online in which al lyou have to do is "cut and paste" or
>> "drag and drop" individual frames in the video editor to make an
>> "edited" version of a vieotape or video file. Seems to me that
>> "writing a script" is kind of an old fashioned approach given the
>> proliferation of these new graphical interface video editing
>> programs
>> that are floating around? Some of them are even freeware.
>> George

> My idea is to prepare the file AVI or MPEG on a computer with a
>proper framerate and then play it on a DVD top set player. There are
>models that can play DIVX/XVID or ISO MPEGs from CD-R or DVD-ROM. The
>DVD player makes sure the framerate is correct.

Would this involve burning a CD or DVD ?

> As for available tools, I suggested AviSynth, because it's what I

Is AviSynth difficult to learn to use ? Do you have to know how to
write script ?

> I am not a big fan of click-and-drag-and-drop kind of programs.
>But there are sure other ways to build the video the way you need it.

Right... I'm looking for the shortest distance beetwen here and there.

By the way... what would a video lab charge me to edit a VHS
tape as I've described? It may be easier to find investors than
it is to find freelance technical experts.

> How to transfer the video to VHS tape, video card with TV output?
>Or record it on CD, play it on DVD player and record it on tape.

Oh... so we're talking either:

1. Video card with t.v. output.
2. CD or DVD burner.

looks like too much equipment.

> As for the idea, I think it will flicker and won't be good for the

No doubt.... the BIG QUESTION is whether it will be VISIBLE
to adults and INVISBLE to kids.

Flicker can be dealt with later.

> Not mentioning you'll have to do something with the sound, too

That's been mentioned... will have to be addressed later.
What we are looking for is a "proof of concept" experiment.

E.g. Can you make a video that is VISIBLE to adults, but INVISIBLE to
kids, based on the fact that short (intermittant) frame sequences are
invisble (subliminal) to kids whereas they are visible to adults.

> Anyway, have fun!

Likewise I'm sure.

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