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Playstation3 getting a 2x speed Blu-ray disc drive?

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it is a well known fact that Playstation3 is getting Blu-ray - the question
now is, what will the read-speed of the disc drive be: 1x or 2x

this will be a hugely important factor that determines how fast games will
load into RAM memory (512 MB) and the potential for streaming graphics data
for in realtime for building large game-worlds.

a 1x speed Blu-ray drive provides 54Mbps data transfer rate - so I
assume a 2x speed Blu-ray drive would provide a date transfer rate twice
that much.

IMO, a 2x speed Blu-ray drive for PS3 is the minimum that would concidered
'acceptable' by game developers, given that it will take a fast drive to
fill up the relatively large amount of RAM memory the PS3 has (512 MB)
compared to the current PS2 which has just over 32 MB of RAM memory.

note that the original Playstation of 1994-1995 came out with a 2x speed
CD-ROM drive - games had very long load times because of this, and the fact
that the buffer cache was so small. the Sega Saturn also had a 2x speed
CD-ROM drive but it had a larger cache, which helped the loading times in
games a great deal.

the Playstation2 has, I believe, a 4x speed DVD-ROM drive, and still has
long load times dispite PS2's relatively modest amount of RAM memory

the new Xbox 360 will have, for games, a 12x speed DVD-ROM drive (512 MB
RAM to fill)
( Xbox 360 possibly having HD-DVD in the future will not be for games)

what are the chances that Playstation3 could have a 4x Blu-Ray drive? I
know they exist, at least, 'in the labs' but what about for consumer devices
in 2006 (i.e. PS3) ?

at any rate, I'm expecting a 2x drive

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