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OT: Keeping Your Wife In Line ?

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"Big Dawg" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
newsAFEe.25016$(E-Mail Removed).. .
> You wouldn't be the same Robin from Bennettsville, SC
> would you?

No sir, Alabama.

> "Robin" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:wZvEe.177031$_o.27046@attbi_s71...
>> "Dan Lawler" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>> news:4QjEe.7787$(E-Mail Removed)
>>>I think the first thing that you have to do when you
>>>start a new relationship is establish that you are the
>>>boss. Now this doenst work with most woman, but when it
>>>does youve got yourself a keeper. The first time my wife
>>>and I went out she told me that a friend of hers (guy)
>>>was getting out of the military and that she was going to
>>>go see him. So right away i told her that if she was
>>>still seeing me that that wasnt going to happen. It never
>>>did. Now i think the key to keeping a woman in line is to
>>>make sure she knows that if she does something she will
>>>get caught. Now how do you accomplish this do you ask.
>>>Well ill tell you. I have a few rules.
>>> 1) She has never gone out to a club without me ever
>>> 2) When she goes to work she must wear her hair in a
>>> pony tail or up in a bun if i dont get a chance to
>>> approve the pony tail before she leaves.
>>> 3) I check her cell phone everyday for calls, and check
>>> her voicemail.
>>> 4) I check her car mileage every day. I know it takes
>>> 40.1 miles round trip for her to go to work. So i know
>>> if she goes anywhere else.
>>> 5) I will call her at work, on the land line to make
>>> sure she is there
>>> 6)When she goes out on an "approved" run, i may ask her
>>> to send me a picture of where shes at to prove shes
>>> where shes supposed to be, or she had to have our
>>> daughter with her.
>>> Other convient tricks are to check the tempory internet
>>> files on a computer...and check the caller ID on your
>>> home phone....these are often overlooked points if your
>>> going to mess around.
>>> The point of all of this is if even if she wanted to do
>>> something she would be very hard pressed to do it
>>> knowing the likelyhood of being caugt...and i have to
>>> stress that i have never found a single thing....I just
>>> do all this to make my mind feel better...and it
>>> works...

>> OK, but in a lesbian relationship such as mine, how do we
>> determine who is going to be the wife, and who is going
>> to be the paranoid, insecure, control freak?


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