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Sharp Modifies Blu-Ray Format To Create 100GB Disc.

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July 10th 2005
Sharp Modifies Blu-Ray Format To Create 100GB Disc

There seems to be no end to the tweaking going on to both Blu-Ray and
HD-DVD formats. Sharp has announced that they have created a 100GB
dual-layer optical disc, based loosely on the Blu-Ray specification,
but currently incompatible with Blu-Ray players or recorders.

The new disc uses what Sharp calls a 'super-resolution functional
film' - a technology that it had previously developed for single-layer
discs, but that it has now refined to allow dual-layer use.

The new disc is a step up from TDK's 100GB Blu-Ray disc which requires
the user to flip the disc to access the second 50 GB of data.

Just in case you were wondering what was the point of a Blu-Ray disc
that wasn't compatible with Blu-Ray players, Sharp say that they will
make the necessary changes before they bring it to market.

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