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Best DVD Experience Ever: Miyazaki

Invid Fan
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In article <(E-Mail Removed) >, Ocelot
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> Invid Fan <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> > Very odd, given that Streamline did a subtitled theatrical print with a
> > more accurate translation then the dub (doesn't have the "Should have
> > worn an Asbestus suit" line, for example).

> The story I heard was that the subtitles are more for Japanese
> learning english, to follow along with the dub (never mind the fact
> that there's a lot of dialoue added in the dub where there wasn't any
> in the original).

The Japanese think English is cool, whether it follows the Japanese
script or not

> My question is why did they resurrect the
> Streamline dub anyway? Streamline doesn't exist any more since Orion
> went bust. Toho released the Streamline dub on LD in Japan so I bet
> BV got the dub from them.

Disney probably has no rights to do an English dub of Castle of
Cagliostro, or at least can't justify doing one just for non-English
speaking markets. Toho, however, probably owns Japanese rights to the
Streamline dub so that's what was tossed on. I would have liked the
Streamline dub on the Manga dvd as a third audio option, much as the
new Giant Robo dvds have both a new dub and the old USRenditions/Manga
one. It's history...

> > > Manga has no plans
> > > to release a special edition of CoC, which is puzzling since CoC
> > > *still* is a good seller due to Myazaki's newfound mass poplarity in
> > > the west.
> > >

> > ... because it's still a good seller. Just keep the original in print,
> > don't spend more money if you don't have to. Manga was just sold, iirc,
> > and hasn't released or announced much this past year.

> hmmm true. It wouldn't take much for them to get the
> corrected/updated/extra material thats on the R2 release from TMS
> under their existing licence for the film.

Depends. Manga picked up CoC durring the Streamline firesale that sent
many of the properties off to various companies (ADV got Dirty Pair,
Pioneer 3x3 Eyes and Akira, etc). They may only have the rights to that
one print, and attempts to get extras would mean re-negotiating with

> I have a feeling that
> Manga is sitting on CoC so Disney doesn't get it like they have with
> the Studio Ghibli films. Note that they snapped up the R2 rights for
> CoC pretty quick.

I'm sure Manga is keeping CoC because it makes them some money, but
they've been known to just sit on things for the hell of it. They
picked up the Orguss tv series when they bought the USRenditions
catalog, and never did squat with it...

Chris Mack "Refugee, total ****. That's how I've always seen us.
'Invid Fan' Not a help, you'll admit, to agreement between us."
-'Deal/No Deal', CHESS
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