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Re: Revenge Of The Nerds DVD (R1 v R4)

Kent Smith
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Kent Smith wrote:
> The Other Guy wrote:
>> Does anyone have the Region 4 version of "Revenge Of The Nerds" on
>> DVD?
>> Could you confirm if the scenes that are missing from the Region 1
>> version are present in the Region 4 release?
>> The scenes in question are those where the sign in shown outside the
>> old house the nerds restore, and when they are walking down the
>> street holding the sign.
>> These scenes missing are sufficiantly disruptive to the flow of the
>> movie that I'm prepared to buy another copy of the movie just to get
>> them. I've seen this movie dozens of times on my old warn out VHS
>> copy, so I really notice this poor edit.

> No cuts according to DVD Compare:
> Would that be the 'For Lease' sign? If so, I've never seen a version
> without it.

Just noticed R4 doesn't even have a stereo track. Go for R1.


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