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Re: ABC Early Voting Poll: Why this is utter propaganda.

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"Explosives Blow Up on **** Faced Kerry" <The damn explosive story blew up
all on my face @ My Mansion .com> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2004 6:14 p.m. EDT
> ABC Early Voting Poll: Bush Ahead
> ABC News reported Tuesday that polling of people who have already voted
> shows George Bush with the lead over John Kerry by a significant margin,

> percent to 47 percent.

....."a tracking poll reports..." This statement is based on a "tracking
poll" (without a printed margin of error - but these generally are + and - 4
%! A large spread) by ABC.

And the article also says: "The overall ABC tracking poll has a slightly
different tilt, with Kerry ahead by 49 to 48 percent".

Here is another "poll" inth e same article and nearly as accurate: "The
poll isn't a scientific sample, but the theory is that it's a good predictor
because kids tend to reflect their parents' views. But a Nickelodeon TV
kiddie poll favored Kerry with 57 percent of the vote."

AND to get an even more accurate picture, look at this article copied from
another post by "Fred":

Remember 2000...when Gore WON the popular vote by 1/2 million votes?
from the same date in 2000 27 October:

CNN/Time pollCNN) -- Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush
holds a 49-to-43 percent edge over Democratic rival Al Gore in the
latest CNN/Time poll, conducted Wednesday and Thursday.

The poll of 2,060 adult Americans, including 1,076 likely voters, has
a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points and

is thus in essential agreement with a CNN/USA Today/Gallup tracking
poll also released Friday. That poll gives Bush a 52 percent-39
percent edge over Gore.

More important, both polls show the same snapshot of the current
state of the presidential campaign: a solid advantage for Bush.
ABC News and The Washington Post both have daily tracking polls today
putting the race at 48 percent for Bush and 45 percent for



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