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TV trailer missing from Star Wars Trilogy DVD set?

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I thought the trilogy DVD set was supposed to have all
of the TV commercials associated with each movie? The
ones on the bonus disk are not very good - lousy
voice-overs, lots of 1 second clips from the movies
edited together.

I distinctly remember one I saw on TV for ESB back
somewhere around January 1980, a few months before the
movie opened. A narrator started out with a variant of
the "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" line.
He then talks about a search for an ancient Jedi master.
The commercial showed different shots of the swamp on
Dagobah. I don't remember if they actually showed Yoda,
but the ad really sparked an interest in the upcoming
ESB movie. Remember that before the movie came out, the
public had no idea who or what Yoda was, or how he would
be involved in the story arc.

Does anyone else remember this particular commercial?
Can it be downloaded from a web site? I was really hoping
it would be included in the DVD set. Thanks!
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