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Philips DVDR75 picture quality problems

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I use the Philips DVDR75 and find it great - I use Cam 1 inputs for recording
from DVD - DVDR and video-DVDR and both come out great

Even NTSC tapes work well
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Tony Jeffreys
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I'm having pricture quality problems when I use the CAM inputs of my DVDR75
and I would like to know whether anyone else is suffering the same

1. With both CAM1 and CAM2 the bottom of the recorded picture contains
approximately 10-15 lines of "noise" and/or "distorted" picture. Is this
2. The analogue CAM input picture often "jumps" by a few lines as if the
recorder is having syncronisation problems. If I connect my camcorder
directly to my TV then there are no such problems (i.e. my camcorder is OK).
3. The quality of a recording when using the analogue CAM input is sometimes
very bad (worse than an M6 recording) even when M1 is used. The quality of
the input picture appears to be the same as other input pictures that record

One other general question/problem:
4. The quality of the monitored picture (using the monitor button) does not
depend upon the picture quality setting. Is this correct as the manual
implies that the quality of the recorded picture can be seen by using the
monitor button?

The DVDR75 seems to produce very good results when recording TV programs,
but as I purchase it to mainly copy my home movies onto DVD I'm wondering
whether I should return it.


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