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ProCoder 2 DVD tutorial with Ben Waggoner... News
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Whether you need to deliver content for the Web, Flash, DVD, DivX, or HD,
these tutorials will assist you in achieving the best results for your next
project. Under the expert guidance of Ben Waggoner, the industry's leading
compressionist, you'll learn the ins and outs of Canopus' ProCoder 2 and so
much more. Built as an encoding reference, this 3 DVD set can be used to
understand the entire ProCoder 2 program, or to understand the nuances of
your favorite codec. Loaded with knowledge about codecs, compression
techniques, and anecdotal explanations of real-world situations, Ben
Waggoner has arrived to help you with your real-life projects. These lessons
also help you master ProCoder 2 by exploring the interface, encoding
profiles, and output options.

Special Ends on 9/27, when price returns to $129.95

>> To Purchase "Ben Waggoner's Complete Compression for ProCoder 2" visit

In DISC 1, you'll learn about:
The ProCoder Wizard
Using the Full Application
The Source Tab
Video and Audio Filters
The Target Tab
Manipulating the MPEG 1 Target
Manipulating the MPEG 2 Target
Encoding MPEG 1 for VideoCD
Encoding MPEG 1 for PowerPoint
Encoding MPEG 1 for Web delivery
Encoding MPEG 2 for DVD authoring
Encoding MPEG 2 for Super VideoCD
Encoding MPEG 2 for HD content

In DISC 2, you'll learn about:
Manipulating the Windows Media Video 9 Target
Encoding for WMV 9 Download
Encoding for WMV 9 Streaming
Encoding for WMV 9 HD and DVD-ROM playback
Manipulating the Real Media Target
Encoding for Real Media Streaming
Encoding for Real Media Download
Manipulating the QuickTime Target

In DISC 3, you'll learn about:
Encoding for QT Sorenson Streaming
Encoding for QT Sorenson Download
Encoding for QT Sorenson CD-ROM playback
QT Export Components MPEG 4
Encoding for QT MPEG 4 Download
Encoding for QT MPEG 4 Streaming
QT Export Components Flash
Encoding for QT Flash Streaming
Manipulating the AVI Target
Manipulating the DivX Target
Encoding for DivX Download
Encoding for DivX HD
Manipulating the DV Target
Manipulating the PCM Audio Target
Manipulating the MP3 Target
Improving Workflow using Profile Presets
Improving Workflow using the Queue
Improving Workflow using Watch Folders & Droplets

Act Now because this introductory pricing won't last long!

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