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Muppet Movie, what is OAR?

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I've been puzzled by the Muppet Movie DVD for some time. It has a matted
widescreen on one side and the full-frame on the other, but even the
widescreen looks cropped at times, with characters who are talking pushed
out of the frame, etc. Was this thing really even wider, and the DVD is
merely the cropped version, further cropped to make it Widescreen? Or was
it shot open matte to begin with? Anyone know?

Thanks in advance...


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ha i was doing some looking recently with that dvd and made 2 screen capture
pics one from the pan/scan side and one from the widescreen side. You do gain
more on the sides, and it doesnt loose that much on the top and bottom for the
widescreen version. Im usally a fan of open matte, and do not like matted
films. But in this case you do get more and you dont lose much.

However if the film was really shot at a 2:35:1 and released instead as a 1:85,
that i have no idea
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i just re-read my post and let me make it more clear. the widescreen ver does
gain a bit more on the sides despite losing some on the top and bottom (no that

and the pan/scan gains some on the top but losses more on the sides
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