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British movies on dvd

Stephen Cooke
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On 13 Aug 2004, jayembee wrote:

> Stephen Cooke <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> > Lessee what they got...
> >
> > 49th Parallel (what are the odds this'll come out here eventually?)

> [rest snip]
> Depends on whether Criterion still has the rights (they released
> it on laserdisc).

Hmmm...I don't know who else would release it...perhaps Kino? They've put
out some other Powell/Pressburger stuff, as has Milestone.

> Olivier as a Canuck trapper has to be seen (or, more appropriately,
> heard) to be believed.

Definitely an unforgettable cinematic moment. I was able to see a
beautiful 35mm print of this when there was that touring batch of P/P
films, with Pressburger's daughter in attendance, and they showed it
matted at 1.85:1! Horrors...


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Steve Crook
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Stephen Cooke <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<(E-Mail Removed)>...
> On 11 Aug 2004, Waterperson77 wrote:
> > From a British website I read, it seems that Carlton (or whatever it's called)
> > and another company have gobbled up most of the British rights to most of the
> > British theatrical movie releases and tv shows.

> Yep, that was one I was going to mention, I have a Carlton double-DVD of
> the Will Hay comedies OH MR. PORTER and CONVICT 99. It's one of the
> reasons I got a multi-region/format player, since I doubt it'll show up on
> a North American disc any time soon. I also have a DVD of
> Powell-Pressburger's A CANTERBURY TALE, and I believe it's a Carlton DVD
> as well.
> Any other suggestions of UK-only titles worth getting?
> swac

Well as you've got "A Canterbury Tale" (1944), what about a few other
Powell & Pressburger titles that have been released on Region 2 DVD
but haven't yet been released on Region 1.

Like "A Matter of Life and Death" (1946) [sometimes still known as
"Stairway to Heaven" in the Americas] although that should be due out
on Region 1 soon.

Or "The Small Back Room" (1949) a British noir starring David Farrar
and Kathleen Byron. You admired them so much in "Black Narcissus", see
them together again.

Or "Gone to Earth" (1950) with Jennifer Jones starring as the wild
Shropshire lass. Based on the Mary webb novel, the Region 2 DVD is a
beautifully restored version.

Or "The Battle of the River Plate" (1956) [aka "Pursuit of the Graf
Spee"]. That's the River Plate in South America, not the River Platte.
It's not a Western

Or "Ill Met by Moonlight" (1957) with Dirk Bogarde in a wartime
adventure (based on a true story) in Crete.


Steve Crook
The Powell and Pressburger Appreciation Society
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