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George Lucas on 3 Stooges dvds

Tad Bitt§ļ£
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"SpiderManHouston" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> This article taken from Lucas is criticizing the 3 Stooges dvds

> being colorized. Yet, he's adding all kinds of computer graphics to his

> without even releasing the originals. At least with the Stooges dvds you

have a
> choice to watch them in its original form or colorized.
> George Lucas, a longtime foe of "colorized" movies, has sharply criticized
> Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment's decision to release two Three

> DVDs today (Tuesday) that will allow viewers to watch them in either their
> original black-and-white or digitally colored versions. In an interview

> the Associated Press, Lucas said, that the Stooges' slapstick comedy

belongs in
> a black-and-white universe. "Would color distract from their comedy and

make it
> not as funny anymore?" Lucas said. "Maybe just the fact that they're in

> and white makes it funny, because their humor is dated. But by putting it

> black and white, it puts it in a context where you can appreciate it for

> it was. But you try to make it in full living color and try to compare it

to a
> Jim Carrey movie, then it's hard for young people to understand. ... It's

> fair to the artist."

Jim Carey in B&W is pretty damn funny as well. The colourized Stooges would
be too distracting since you have known them in B&W only for so long. The
colours will look blotchy and be incorrect anyway. Skin tone if virtually
impossible since the producers can only go by glossies or stills of the
actors. This only represents them at a particular point in time. So much
research would have to go into each and every frame. I doubt they spent that
kind of time on this.

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