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"SIGH"....Best Buy Employees

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      08-02-2004 Removed) says...

>> Yes, but your Best Buy is also the one that's allegedly selling boxed
>> sets of THE X-FILES for 33% above MSRP.

> and all of the other stores that sell dvd's aound here (except Wal-Mart) had
> the same title priced even higher.
> Therefore, I doubt that what people in this newsgroup claim is 33 percent or
> more over the MSRP is actually 33 percrnt or more over the MSRP, since it is
> highly unlikely that all stores (except one) would all have them priced at 33
> percrnt or more over the MSRP.

You claimed that your local Best Buy had them priced at $199.99 a piece. Since
the MSRP on all of the sets was $149.99 (dropped down to $99.99 when the S9
set was released), that makes your alleged Best Buy price 33% above MSRP.

As far as everyone else being wrong about the MSRP, there are any number of
places on the web where one can confirm the $149.99 MSRP. There's no evidence
to support your assertion. Further, at the time, I suggested that you tell us
the location of your local Best Buy store so that any one of us could call
the store up and ask them what they were charging for the sets. You did not
do so. Why? Because you knew that we'd find out what we already know: that
you're full of ****.

-- jayembee
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grant kinsley
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On 02 Aug 2004 02:32:04 GMT, (E-Mail Removed)
(Waterperson77) wrote:

>>I've seen 16:9 sets of all kinds of brands and varieties for sale over here
>>Central Florida.
>>The Wal-Mart and Rex TV stores here in Titusville have them for sale.

>yes. The Wal-Mart here has plenty of widescreen tv sets also. But the Best Buy
>here doesn't have any. They had one model for a while just the other year,
>but that was discontinued "since widescreen tv sets weren't selling well".

Right, that was the 2.35:1 model, wasn't it. Showing that Canadian
broadcast of Harry Potter months before ABC's world premiere.

You're a loony

>Although they seem to be selling well at Wal-Mart here.

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grant kinsley
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On 01 Aug 2004 23:25:29 GMT, (E-Mail Removed)
(Waterperson77) wrote:

>The big Hollywood movie companies are claiming that fast forwading through the
>ads on dvd's" is a copyright violation" and that you not watching the ads on
>dvd's "is a copyright violation"

baloney, there is no such claim, nor is there any evidence to back it.

Go get some loxapine now, run, do not walk.

>therefore you getting up to make a sandwich or go to the bathroom while the ads
>are playing (no matter how bad you have to go) "is a copyright violation"
>according to the big Hollywood movie companies.
>I don't know how these and simple fast forwarding through ads on dvd's that are
>able to be fast forwarded is "a copyright violation" since no copies are being
>But then again, two decades ago, Paramount sued one of my local tv stations in
>court for "copyright violation" for simply announcing over the show (like many
>stations do) even though no copies were made and there was nothing in the
>contract between Paramount and the tv station preventing the tv station from
>announcing over the show. And Paramount won the case in court!!!!! As a
>"copyright violation" even though there were not any copies made!!!!
>What I don't understand is why Paramount doesn't sue all the other tv stations
>for announcing over the shows, squeezing the credits, etcetera, since they sued
>my local station for simply announcing over the program.
>Also, since Paramount won this "copyright violation" case in court even though
>there weren't any copies made,
>this means that "copyright violation" doesn't necessarilly have to involve
>making any copies at all, and you can still be prosecuted for "copyright
>violation" and lose even though you never made any copies at all, since "simply
>announcing over the program is a copyright violation, even though no copies
>were made" according to the courts.
>Hollywood movie companies have gottten WAY too big for their britches.

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