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Panasonic DMR E85H!! I want to burn DVD to DVD-R!!

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Panasonic DMR E85H will not record DVD-Rs from copy-protected DVDs, even using an ALL REGION FREE, MACROVISION BYPASSING DVD
player! I can record the DVD to video and then to the HD to DVD-R, but not a direct swap to the hard drive! Pirate,
NOTHING! Stealing, like hell!! I bought the DVD, I want to dub it to DVD-R and resell the DVD under FIRST USE!!

I have the right to break any encryption and dub whatever I want for my personal library and use, then resell what I bought
in the store. DMCA is crap to this!! I did this for decades with 2 VCRs and an LD player to VCR! Now I can use my
Panasonic DMR-E85H, burn from VCRs, TV signals, LD-Players and certain created DVD-Rs and certain legit DVDs without the
garbage extra signal confusing my equipment.

Why do I want to dub DVD to DVD-R?? Because I want to bypass all the *******ING BULLSHIT*** they put in front of all these
overpriced DVDs!! Scene access menues, I could give a rats ass about!! A bunch of bogus FBI warnings that I don't care to
see!! And the killer is a bunch of outdated trailers that we are FORCED to go through before even getting to the menu (DVDs
titles that do that **** are "Lost in Translation" and "Jurassic Park" to name a couple)!!

This is all crap!! I want to dub DVD to DVD-R for my library and then resell the original DVD!! Hollywood isn't going to
**** with what I do inside my own pad!! I can't steal what I bought and resell the original of what I bought, keeping the
copy for my own private use!!


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      06-21-2004 Removed) (DVD BURNER) ranted...
> Hey,
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You are a ****ing idiot.

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