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Re: extern function declaration

Andrey Tarasevich
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josef angermeier wrote:
> extern is used to change the binding. i also understand that the keyword
> extern prevents a expression like "extern int a" to be an definition, but
> what use does it have to declare a function as extern though functions and
> variables by default have external binding ?

Specifying 'extern' in function declaration or definition is redundant,
since, as you correctly noted yourself, functions have external linkage
by default. However, sometimes I see 'extern' explicitly applied to
functions in actual code. Must be someone's personal preference or,
maybe, a workaround to a bug of some specific compiler.

Specifiers as 'extern "C"' are a different story, but it looks like your
question is about "regular" 'extern'.

Best regards,
Andrey Tarasevich
Brainbench C and C++ Programming MVP

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