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Re: What are pros and cons of STL ?

Mike Wahler
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Bruno Desthuilliers <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> ajay wrote:
> > Is STL slower(if yes why?)

"Slower" than what?

The 'STL' (by which I'm assuming you mean the C++
standard library), has no 'speed' at all. It's
merely a specification of required behavior. An

Actual implementations are what will be 'fast' or
'slow'. The only way to determine this 'speed' is
to measure. Note that different implementations will
very likely show different performance.

>? Is STL Overhead(if yes why?) ?

Does it have 'overhead'? Of course. How could it not?

> None of my favorite OOPL has a notion of STL.

'STL' is not an OOP concept. It's an (obsolete) term
referring to the container/iterator/algorithm parts
of the C++ standard library. I.e. it's a language-
specific concept, not a OO one.


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Bruno Desthuilliers
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ajay wrote:
> Is STL slower(if yes why?)? Is STL Overhead(if yes why?) ?

None of my favorite OOPL has a notion of STL.

This is a C++ specific question. Please post on c.l.c++.
(xposted, and fu2 positionned.)


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