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Re: Returning valarrays

E. Robert Tisdale
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Harald Grossauer wrote:

> If I return a valarray as a result of a function
> is then the whole valarray copied onto the stack?

No. Not if you have a good optimizing C++ compiler.

> I.E. if I do a lot of operations on classes containing valarrays,
> say like:
> v1 = v2*(v3+v4/2.0);
> return v1;
> where v* are instances of
> class myclass {
> ....// some other variables
> valarray<float> ...;
> }
> is then a complete valarray copied for every intermediate result of the
> right hand side (i.e. for each call of the copy constructor)?
> What about the explicit return statement?
> Is the implementation of valarray "clever" enough
> to prevent unnecessary copying by itself?


Suppose that you have a function

myclass f(void) {
myclass t;
// modify t
return t;

A good optimizing C++ compiler should recognize t as an alias
for the return value, call the default constructor
to initialize the return value instead of creating
a local copy of t, copying it to the return value
then call the destructor for t.
This is called the Named Return Value Optimization (NRVO).

When you write

myclass x = f();

s good optimizing C++ compiler will allocate storage for x
and pass a reference (or a pointer) to x as a hidden argument to f --
the compiler will write the same code that it would write for

myclass& f(myclass& t) {
// initialize t with the default constructor
// modify t
return t;

The copy constructor is *never* called!

Using expression classes, you can get the C++ compiler
to *fuse* two or more operations for you
according to Bjarne Stroustrup, "The C++ Programming Language",
Chapter 22 Numerics, Section 4 Vector Arithmetic,
Subsection 7 Temporaries, Copying, and Loops, pages 675-7.

Using expression class templates, you can get the C++ compiler
to generate your expression classes automatically
according to Todd Veldhuizen, "The Blitz++ Library"

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