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Re: Need help with good OO design

Bob Hairgrove
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On Thu, 26 Jun 2003 15:58:10 -0000, Joey Mukherjee
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>I have a problem doing good OO design and seek some opinions of how
>to do it better.
>I have one class that is my base class called Telemetry. It opens a
>file, and reads the first few bytes (the header) of a file. Based on
>what it just read, I determine what kind of derived class I have
>(either Science or Housekeeping) and create my dervived class via
>copy constructor.
>I do work with the derived class which includes reading more data
>from the file and then I need to read a new header (i.e. the base
>class stuff).
>The code is as follows:
>while (telemetry->Good ()) {
> telemetry->ReadNextPacket ();
> if (telemetry->IsScience ()) {
> science->Copy (telemetry);
> science->ReadNextPacket ();
> // do science specific stuff
> } else {
> housekeeping->Copy (telemetry);
> housekeeping->ReadNextPacket ();
> // do housekeeping specific stuff
> }
>delete science;
>delete housekeeping;
>delete telemetry;
>Since the file pointer is essentially shared with all three classes, the
>ifstream * defined in the base pointer will get deleted too many times.
>What is the best way to handle this problem? I cannot move the specific
>stuff into the classes which the FAQ suggests.

Use a separate "factory" class to read in the file and create the
different other files.

if (google->Search("design pattern" AND "class factory")->Count() ==

Bob Hairgrove Removed)
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