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Re: std::ostringstream unexpected behavior with .net 2003.

Victor Bazarov
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"Nathalie D'Amours" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote...
> I am using Microsoft VC .net 2003 and the std:stringstream seams to

> in an unexpected way.
> int i = 3;
> std:stringstream os;
> os << i << std::ends;
> std::string s1 = os.str();
> std::string s2("3");
> bool result = (s1 == s2);
> When I execute this code, 'result' gets set to false. Obviously I am
> expecting the strings to be identical. I've stepped in the comparison

> and the internal call to ::strcmp correctly returns 0 but then there is

> logic to compare the string lengths and they differ. s1 size is 2 and s2
> is 1 and this is why the comparison function returns false.
> This seems buggy to me. Am I missing something?

Yes. Drop the "<< std::ends".

> Has anyone else seen the
> same problem?

Probably. I haven't.

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