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Input Operator >> Does not work in Visual C++ 6

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I am a beginner programmer in Visual C++ 6 and have encountered a
I am trying to read from a text file in the following manner:
ifstream mystream; ("filename", ios:in);

I have checked all of my #includes and I do have fstream and iostream
yet I get the following error during compile:
"error C2678: binary '>>' : no operator defined which takes a
left-hand operand of type 'class ifstream' (or there is no acceptable

Here is a couple of interesting observations:
cin>>thedata; // does not compile either
cout<<somedata; //compiles with no problems

This is a dialog-based MFC application I am developing.

Any help on this matter would be great.
Thank you in advance,

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Karl Heinz Buchegger
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"MiniDisc_2k2" <(E-Mail Removed)> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:KMjKa.22010$(E-Mail Removed)...

Please refrain from MFC solutions in this newsgroup.
This NG is about standard C++ and how to use that.
No third party libraries since standard C++ is a big
enough topic on its own.

Thank you

Karl Heinz Buchegger Removed)

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