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Re: Static members comparison

Victor Bazarov
Posts: n/a
"Dinesh Deva" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote...
> I have a class called Parser and a static member in it called Tree
> class Parser
> {
> public:
> static Tree* ptree;
> void parse();
> };
> Now i build the tree in a variety of ways (parsing different) kinds of
> files
> eg AParser, BParser deriving from Parser.
> I want to compare the trees built by AParser and BParser. If the tree
> was not a static member, then i could do this.
> AParser ap;
> ap.parse();
> BParser bp;
> bp.parse();
> ap.ptree->compare(bp.ptree);
> But since it is static both the parsers will build the same tree.
> (replace the old tree).
> How do i compare the trees?
> I know one way to do it is to do a deep copy of the tree. (this is the
> long route).
> Is there any easier way?

Make the parser compare as it builds? Move the 'ptree' out of
the 'Parser' into 'AParser' and 'BParser'?..


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