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Re: C bug involving char arrays

Chandra Shekhar Kumar
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David Baldwin wrote:

> Ok I believe this falls under the category of stupid newbie question ;p
> The function below returns values correctly whenever length is > 3.
> However, anything from 1-3 returns an array of correct values followed by
> garbage.
> Any insight on what I'm doing wrong here?
> Thanks
> char* getBlock(char* array, int length, int start){
> if(length == 0) return "";
> char* c = new char[length];
> for(int z=0;z<length;z++){
> c[z] = array[z+start];
> }
> return c;
> }

let me take the case when length = 5, start = 4;
then this loop
for(int z=0;z<length;z++){
c[z] = array[z+start]; }

then the index in the array is from 4 to 8, but where u r insuring
this...means the array u r passing might not have that much size...

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