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> > Because it's no longer "commercial." If I wouldn't have paid money for
> > it anyways, they would still not be making anything.

> By this reasoning, if I own a summer house that I haven't visited in ten
> years, it would be OK for you to squat there?

Just though I'd comment this... It's my first and last msg to this thread.

You cannot compare ownership of physical property and intellectual property.
The poeple who would squat your summer house would undoubtly cause some wear
and/or damage to the house and perhaps eventually ruin your house. In some
cases the same can be true with software (if someone uses piracy to get
software he would otherwise have paid for -- removing profit from the
author, possibily compomising future releases from that same author) but in
most cases pirates will use the software for a short period of time and
would not have bought it anyway. In that later case I guess the morality of
the action is questionnable rather than right or wrong.


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