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Changing IP address

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On my network at home I have a wireless router that also has spaces for
regular old LAN. When I plug my laptop into the LAN spot I can use the
internet and connect to the router etc.

When I (try) to use the wireless card, however, I can connect to the network
but with limited or no connectivity.

The wireless card uses an autoconfig IP address that is outside of the
router's range (169.etc) whereas through the cable it has one autoassigned
through DHCP (192.etc which is within the range).

Does anyone know how to either set the wireless to be the same as the
other/use the DHCP or even to asign an IP within the range manually? (and
yes, I have run the wirless network wizard).

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Sorry for double posting but I thought I should say that when I was fiddling
with the command prompt the laptop also had trouble connecting (/couldn't
connect) to the DHCP server (when I said renew) and also couldn't ping the
router (which I could do with the cable in)
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On a network without DCHP service XP will assign an address in the
169.254.*.* range which permits communication within the network but not to
the internet. Router provides DCHP service - verify that the TCP/IP
properties of the connection used wireless is set for automatically assigned
IP address.

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