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Pausing a DVD

Geo H
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      04-27-2004 Removed) (LASERandDVDfan) wrote in message news:<(E-Mail Removed)>...
> >That is not necessarily so - I was having similar problems with more recent
> >DVDs (2001) trying to play them in an older player (199 that was designed
> >before the advent of DUAL LAYER disc technology

> Dual layer discs have been part of the DVD standard before it was released in
> the consumer market. Besides, your explanation doesn't hold water as my 1st
> generation 1997 vintage Pioneer DVL-700 still plays every dual layer disc I've
> thrown at it perfectly.
> Your playback problems are more likely to be due to be an authoring on the disc
> that is possibly incompatible with the player. This is likely to happen with a
> newer disc on an older player.
> Other possibilities could include the fact that the player you were using may
> not be good. If the player in question is an RCA, ProScan, GE, or Samsung for
> example, then it's likely that the problem with playing the DVD was that the
> player was junk. - Reinhart

OK guys relax - All I was doing was pointing out an observation that I
encountered at the time - I wasnt disputing anybody's facts - just
merely stating that I had encountered similar bahavior and at the
time, it never dawned on me that it could have been a hardware issue
(which in my case it was) I was new to DVD at the time and didnt
bother keeping up on the nuiances of the technology and it wasnt until
someone had mentioned dual layers that I noticed on my new player,
that it was right at the point of the change where I was encountering
problems on the older player, so while i did have other issues with
authoring problems on other discs, my particular case seemed evident
with the layer change.

The player was an AIWA XD-DV300, purchased just before 1998 (maybe
99-dont remember) rolled in. It was doing just fine up until a certain
time in 2000-2001, and still plays my older DVDs just fine but hardly
nothing from today will run completely without a problem
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Yellow Submarine
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"LASERandDVDfan" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)
>> 3-4 tiny pock marks. Obvious damage that I hadn't noticed before and
>> it was a brand-new dvd. That's why I was wondering if it's possible
>> my player damaged it.

> Very possible, although very unusual.
> Then again, the player you are having trouble with is a Samsung
> DVD/VCR combo. Samsung makes lousy DVD players and DVD/VCR combos are
> horrible pieces of electronics regardless of brand.
> Since you probably can't return the player now, you might want to
> consider pawning it for what it's worth and get a decent Japanese
> brand stand-alone DVD player. - Reinhart

I'm not going to pawn it but I have considered buying a back-up player

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>I'm not going to pawn it but I have considered buying a back-up player

Sorry about the comment if it seemed harsh.

Anyways, when considering a player:


Disregard any other brand, unless money is no object and you have no objection
to spending $16,000+ for a Meridian 800. - Reinhart
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Mike Harrison
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"Risto Lankinen" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<zSmjc.14989$(E-Mail Removed)>...
> "Yellow Submarine" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:zzejc.9039$(E-Mail Removed)...
> > Is there any downside to pausing a DVD for any length of time?

> Static image for a long time on TV screen may burn in.
> - Risto -

Yeah but most players, like my recent-model Samsung, will put up a
screen saver after about 5 minutes of pause.
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Dogger the Filmgoblin
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"Rich Clark" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<(E-Mail Removed)>...
> "George Hernandez" <no_email@no_domain.pud> wrote in message
> news:%Fjjc.36188$(E-Mail Removed). net...
> > : A DVD that behaves like this in any player is a damaged or defective

> DVD.
> >
> > That is not necessarily so -

> It is necessarily so, and nothing in what you wrote contradicts it. The fact
> that you had an old player that had trouble with layer changes says nothing
> about "any player."
> It's called "reading comprehension."

Your reference to 'any player' could be interpreted in two different
ways. Write more precisely before copping an attitude. Even better,
avoid the attitude in any case. It was totally unwarranted by anything
the other poster wrote.

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