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I usually would call this my "Weekly Update" however I have been so busy since
the move that I this is the first update I've sent out in three weeks. I'm
catching up now, but some titles take a bit longer than others and sometimes
time constraints related to if a title is being released or broadcast for a
specific holiday or event means I have to take care of that first. Anyway, I'd
rather take a little longer and get something done right than rush through
something and have the quality diminished so thank you all for your continued
support and patience.

This week I have two TV reviews as well as a few TV on DVD and regular feature
film on DVD reviews. The USA Network miniseries remake of "Spartacus" premiered
a few days ago, but encores are still airing so if you are curious, definitely
read my review. The Cartoon Network has also began to air a brand new season of
"Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law" as a part of the network's Adult Swim
programming block. The series is a bit twisted at times, but very funny. I
screened a few episodes and have a review posted of them too.

I'm working on some cool stuff for next week so please keep visiting the site
every day and support GENRE ONLINE.NET by visiting the site's sponsors. Now
here are the new reviews!


Spartacus: USA Network Original Miniseries:

Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law: Cartton Network Adult Swim Season Premiere:


Babylon 5: The Wheel Of Fire: The Complete Fifth Season:

Stargate: SG-1: Seasons 5 & 6 Box Sets:

Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed:

Kill Bill: Volume 1:


Schindler's List: Widescreen:

The Rundown: Widescreen:

In Living Color: Season One:

The Haunted Mansion: Widescreen:

Sword Of The Valiant: The Legend Of Sir Gwain And The Green Knight:

Please drop by and visit. Thank you.

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