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Mismatching of downloads with manual data

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I suppose there might be "no answer". But just wondering if anyone
has an idea why...

I manually enter my checks when written (so that the payees are
properly recording in my ledger. If I don't money always records the
same payee to downloaded checks, the one in the last ledger entry for
a numbered check). Then when I download (via qif file), Money (2005)
matches the downloads with the manual entries. And I've never seen it
err before.

However today it decided that the match for a manually entered
numbered check (not yet cashed in reality), dated 12/22/05 , was a
cash withdrawal, from a teller, made on 12/30/05, for the same amount.
I Didn't catch it immediately and accepted the match, and so I had to
delete that transaction. Then when I imported the same file, it still
did not recognize it properly, but assigned it as an unnumbered check,
with a payee matching the most recent one before that for a numbered
check. (It always does this payee silliness, which is why I took to
manually entering check #s so it wouldn't do so.

Any ideas what happened, or should I just chalked it up to the
vagaries of qif files?

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Posts: n/a
sorry...wrong group.
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