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Re: Is this being anal?

Jay Stewart
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"Eric" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Some of my friends make fun of me because I examine every dvd case when
> I buy a movie. I don't mean just picking it up and heading straight to
> the checkout... I mean I:
> -- Closely look at the way it was packaged and the way it was
> shrunkwrap. I prefer the way many Paramount and Fox movies come -- with
> the plastic folded at the top and not like a regular, heated sealing
> (the kind Blockbuster used to repackage previously viewed movies) that
> warps the box.
> -- Examine the side of the box... more and more retailers are not
> opening boxes with care, using a knife of some sort to slice the the
> top, this cutting a small slash mark on the spines of the dvd boxes.
> -- gently shake it to make sure the disk is on its spindle.
> -- look for any surface marks on the front of back of the case.
> -- even go so far as look as to how the insert is places in the cover.
> If its crooked or too high up in the case, there is a change the top
> "security" label that lists the title will rip some of the picture off
> the insert.
> Is that too anal?

Way too anal, in my opinion. I do about the same routine myself, however.

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> Is that too anal?

Not really. I don't like ripped insert as well and I avoid any case
that rattles, I've had too many DVD that was badly scratched. Also I
make sure the DVD has english subtitle or closed caption as I depend
on it.
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