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Can't See The Network

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I installed Win98 SE on a machine, plus Client for Microsoft Networks,
TCP/IP Protocol, File and Print Sharing. When I click on Network
Neighborhood, it says it can't find the network. Yet the other machines
on my Linksys WRT54G wireless router (Win XP Pro, Win98 First Edition,
and Win95a) can see this Win98 SE machine and share files just fine.
I can ping the other computer from the Win98 SE machine with no problem.

What's odd it that when this machine boots up, the network password box
does not appear. I reinstalled Client for Microsoft Networks with no
change. Plus, I even reinstalled Win98 SE. It didn't help. The Win98 SE
machine has no firewall installed.

I would assume that Client for Microsoft Networks should create the password
box. For Win98 SE, I'm using a Gateway recovery disc (with OS) that I got
from ebay. The machine I installed it on is a Gateway E-3200 corporate desktop.

I even copied the Network Setup Wizard from my Win XP machine over to the
Win98 machine. I ran the wizard successfully, but it didn't help.

So, I ended up installing Win98 First Edition on this machine, and now it sees
the other computers just fine.

I would prefer to use Win98 SE.

What am I missing here?

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