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Re: Sammy's Sucker Punch...

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In article <BC5C7571.6F95%(E-Mail Removed)>,
Max Christoffersen <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> Sammy tries to get up off the canvas for a second time with:
> >> You're not still sore that you fell for that sucker punch all those years
> >> ago are you...?
> >>
> >>
> >> Max Christoffersen

> > Sucker punch? Given that your entire miserable life is devoted to
> > demonstrating your witless imbecility in the newsgroups, I'm sure you've
> > saved every one of my posts. So please report what you're talking about.
> > I'd love to be amused by reading it again. I've long forgotten anything
> > you've said. You, on the other hand, would remember everything, given
> > the above. Lookin' forward to your retrieval of those posts. Sammy

> >> Brilliant, maxo. Since you are the king of market research and
> >> would never post anything without facts to back them up, please
> >> tell us what percent of DVD player owners purchased their unit for
> >> reasons other than primarily watching film. Until I see a
> >> satisfactory answer to this question, I will repost this question
> >> frequently. Now, come on maxo. Put your market money where your
> >> market mouth is.

> >> SHOW US THE EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sammy 2001

> > PlayStation 2. Max Christoffersen

> -8&
> Some days it's just so *easy* Spammy....
> Max Christoffersen

Amazing. Maxipad spends his so called life accumulating posts from those
who call him on the carpet and those who expose his nazi party
membership. Great existence you're leading, maxipad. Maybe you should
make an effort to get laid. There must be some $5 hooker you can land.
Maybe your momma?
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