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Panasonic DVD Recorders No Good

Jim Ford
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Since this is a Panasonic discussion, anybody got any experiences to
share concerning the Panasonic DMR-E100HGK player/recorder? Since I happen
to commute between Europe and the US a few times a year, this gadget seems
to be what I am looking for.

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Mac Breck
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"John Bigbooty" <(E-Mail Removed)>
wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> On 22 Jan 2004 16:10:59 GMT, Removed) (Vubast)

> >Here's what happens if you buy one of the Panasonic DMR

series DVD recorders:
> >After 13 months, the DVD drive fails. You take it in for

service. You are told
> >that the cost of replacing the failed DVD drive will be

$595, which is more
> >than the whole machine is worth.
> >
> >I don't know what Panasonic's strategy is in gouging

customers this way. I
> >just know I'm not buying any more of their products.

> I know it might not help you much, but I have seen some

posts of
> people claiming it is possible to replace the hard drive

> Won't get you a bigger drive, but will get you a working


Wait a minute. What exactly has failed, the DVD drive or
the hard drive? From the Vubast's posts, it isn't clear
that his unit even had a hard drive.

Mac Breck (KoshN) - from the desktop PC
------------------------------- (Brimstone)

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