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how do I copy from DVD to DVD?

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Erich J. Schultheis <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)
> I rented some movies from Blockbuster the other day and tried to burn them

to a DVD-R and my DVD recorder said "Can Not Copy".
> The same thing happens when I borrow DVDs from friends and when I try to

copy my DVD disc for friends.
> I can burn movies from digital cable and off the antenna just fine.
> Is the DVD too high a resolution for my DVD recorder or do I have a bad

cable from my DVD player which is preventing me from recording to DVD?


Basically, it's CGMS stopping you making a copy of a commercial DVD
(CopyGuard), which is what the recorder is supposed to be doing. Legally.

I'm with the others, go out and buy the movies in question if you like them.
You can afford a DVD recorder, right? and if off digital cable and the
antenna is fine, then how about buying the movies you really like?


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rstlne <.@.> wrote in message
news:8JjJb.15476$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Not sure what post was more of a laugh, his or yours..
> I mean, Just look at the 3 LOTR films

You're missing the point. The other poster wanted to make COPIES of
COPYRIGHTED materials on his DVD recorder. That's just not on, sorry - hence
"cannot copy" being displayed. I really don't care if you think it's a laugh
or not - we'll see who's laughing when people like yourself get caught for
pirating and distributing copyrighted materials.

Think I'm kidding? Try me - the Australiasian Film & Video Securities Office
would LOVE to hear about that poster and their activities.


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rstlne <.@.> wrote in message
news:iR3Kb.17245$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Now since you can get a recordable DVD then it falls under the RIAA, why,
> cause you could record music on it..

That's right, and you can record music onto it - music which is subject to
copyright that you don't own is not a justifiable reason for recording.


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MR_ED_of_Course <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:BC1BA07C.2CC02%(E-Mail Removed)...

> MUSIC: I have no problems with people sharing music by any means

> I think sharing music *is* the moral thing to do and the recording

> should be destroyed.

Bzzt. Sorry, wrong answer. Go ahead and share music, fine - DON'T share
music if it's copyrighted and you are not the copyright holder.

> SOFTWARE: Likewise, I have no problems with people pirating any Microsoft
> software. I have no problem with people pirating other productive

> for personal the sense of someone pirating PhotoShop so they can

> familiar with it when they go to work somewhere that the company will buy

> for them.

Sorry, wrong answer again. There's a thing called Shareware, and another
called Freeware, that you can legally distribute. Microsoft, Photoshop etc
forget it - they are COPYRIGHTED software, and running a pirated copy simply
for the sake of familiarising yourself is just not acceptable, nor legal.

> VIDEO: DVDs are so incredibly reasonable in terms of pricing. I'm

> pirating DVDs, but I do feel it's ok to use a DVD that you've purchased

> personal use. This would include making a back up, making a version that
> strips out forced trailers and commercials, or using the content for
> personal use...such as making a CD of some of the audio or making a game

> your children based on the video/art elements.

Wrong. This is why they're on sale on the first place. Want a backup? Fine,
then get TWO copies, and use ONE as a working copy, and keep the other in a
safe place. Why bother making a version to cut the trailers and commercials?
The button which is on every remote is akin to "Track select
forward/reverse". Use it.

> Well you said "media" instead of "movie" I mentioned above, I *want*
> the recording industry to be destroyed.

You do huh? Okay, think about this then. You seem to love every sense of

Person A buys for example's sake, a Billy Joel album on CD. Person B gets
this album, makes a copy and gives it to a mate, who in turn makes a copy
for his, and so on and so on. These people who have the copies don't go out
and buy the CD as they have a pirate copy. Sales fall, artist eventually
decides to not make any more music, and then the pirates also lose out
because there is no raw material for them to copy from, ensuring no material
is available anymore. You want this to happen to *everyone*? I doubt it.

> 2) Using copy-protection that only annoys consumers, but has no affect
> whatsoever on professional pirates.

Using copy-protection is SUPPOSED to have an effect on potential,
professional pirates. Period.

> This is great as long as prices remain low and titles remain available.

...and they will remain high for as long as people break copy protection
systems and distribute pirated versions of the material. Think!

> I'm currently working full time in the software industry, but I often work
> in the film, tv, radio or music industries.

I bet they'd love to hear what you've just spat out for piracy.


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