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MGM - another P&S irritation

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and personally, I think that a windowboxed picture looks better aesthetically
than a letterboxed picture does.

so there.

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Jake Patterson
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Waterperson77 <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>A 1.66:1 movie is not wide enough to encode as anamorphic. A widescreen
>>tv is 1.78:1. Thus you would have to have black bars at the sides (left
>>and right). On a 4:3 tv that would give you black bars on all sides!

> so what? On wideescreen HDTV sets, Enterprise was shown with black bars on
> all four sides every week.

> And the analog 4:3 viewers only had bars on two sides.

> while widescreen HDTV owners had bars on all four sides of the very same
> show.

And furthermore, in this case, most 4:3 TV's will not show any black bars on
the side due to overscan. In fact, a 4:3 TV will crop off picture from the
sides of a non-anamorphic 1.66:1 movie. I only noticed how significant the
cropping can be after I was able to compare the output of my laptop DVD
player to my TV. After adjusting the service menu settings I was able to
minimize, but not totally eliminate, the loss of picture on all four sides.
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