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Alien Quad vs. Alien Legacy?

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And the scene where Johnner bends over backwards to shoot his was
way too dramatic..I mean, were we supposed to clap or something?

"Douglas Bailey" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:1v5euikoysu3o$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Black Locust wrote:
> > "Brian" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> >> I kind of liked the newborn and all but the dialogue in AR is

> >
> > Wow. Someone calling Joss Whedon's dialogue "horrendous." Now I've seen
> > it all.

> Make that *two* someones: I thought the _A:R_ dialogue was trying hard to
> be hip and quotable, but came off as ineffectual instead.
> Actually, make that *three* someones: Mike D'Angelo's review of _A:R_ at
> <> says...
> "It should work, but it doesn't. In part, that's because Whedon...can't
> write 'straight' dialogue worth a damn....[it] sounds as if it's been
> culled from one of those unintentionally hilarious 1950's short subjects
> that instructed teenagers about proper dating behavior. ('Hi, Sally. Say,
> is that repulsive extraterrestrial lifeform still gestating in your womb?'
> 'Why, Tommy, don't be silly. The womb is for human babies. The alien's
> right here next to my sternum.') Before long, I was rooting for the

> if only in the hope that they'd shut up the humans up."
> I'm in 100% agreement.
> doug
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> ---------------Douglas Bailey ((E-Mail Removed))---------------
> It's all in the art of stopping...
> --Wire

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