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Re: Landing on the Moon

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In response to message news:(E-Mail Removed),
written by Philip Traum <(E-Mail Removed)> on 12/7/2003 2:01:12 PM in alt.magic.secrets:

> No.

When the astronauts used the rover, they covered a large section of the
moon each time. They very well may have traveled to the site of a future
landing to see if it will be suitable. They'd leave footprints then.

> What do you call all the dust flying away as the lander lands on the moon?

It's not wind.

> You have to first VIEW and WATCH ALL the photos and videos before you areQUALIFIED to debate
> this issue. You can't just guess and make statements when you have never even SEEN any of it.

I have now seen the picture in question. It proves nothing.

> More lies and bullshit talk. Bush just last week stated he wants us togo to the moon and to
> put a permanent space station on it.

The station will only be there as a refueling station for missions going
to another planet.

> It was orbiting the MOON.

From that page, it is "a joint Ballistic Missile Defense
Organization/NASA venture." What's the big deal then?

> How are people like you able to have debates when you don't even KNOW enough about what it is
> you are debating?! I would love to know how you are able to make suchstatements that you
> obviously have never researched, unless you are a TROLL.

I thought you were talking about a different satellite. You throw out
generalities and expect me to guess the details. However, the satellite
in question was a joint venture. NASA would use it sometimes, the BMDO
at others.


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