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Cheap Thrills: Low Cost DVD Cult Classics.

Scot Gardner
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A routine trip to Tower this morning turned into a bargain bonanza. All
of the Alpha Video titles were on sale for $6.99. It looks like Alpha
specializes in releasing public domain titles on DVD. Yet, unlike the
public domain titles from Madacy, the Alpha titles are watchable.

Although they are not pristine in picture and sound, these Alpha DVD
titles are still very entertaining:

_Reefer Madness_ (193 "Sin, degradation, vice, insanity. Drug crazed
Abandon!" A case study of all-American high school kids Bill and Mary
highlights the danger of marijuana use when the teens change from
tennis-playing, iced tea-drinkers to fiendish, promiscuous, dope addicts
after sampling one joint.

_Marihuana_ (1936): "The picture that exposes hushed-up truths!" A young
girl drowns while skinny-dipping at a beach party. Another teen gets
pregnant after a turn with her boyfriend in the sand - both the result
of dope smoking. The mother-to-be gives up her baby and becomes a
hardened drug dealer, earning fur coats and diamond rings while coldly
turning her clientele into drug addicts.

_The Cocaine Fiends_ (1935): "Senses drowned in forbidden pleasures."
A special "headache powder" leaves Jane feeling instantly exhilarated.
Young sleigh-riding "snowbirds" find that their anxiety and fatigue can
be instantly relieved by this wonderful medication. But the new miracle
drug soon causes its users to spiral downward into hopeless depraved
squalor and tragedy.

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