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If it ONLY lists Widescreen, does it mean (that) DVD has NO Std. 4:3 TV display option?

Richard C.
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"Waterperson77" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
: >original
: >posters argument obviously doesn't even apply to Academy ratio movies
: >shot prior to 1954 as there aren't any widescreen versions of those
: >movies in the first place.
: >--
: such as there's no such thing as the widescreen versions of "The
Wizard of Oz"
: (Judy Garlund version) and "Fantasia".
: But since widescreen versions of those were shown at movie theatres
: though they were filmd in Academy Ratio) and widescreen versions of
those don't
: exist,
: then the movie theatres that showed them don't exist either.
: After all, how could they show something that soesn't exist?
: And since they did show them, and they don't exist, then those movie
: don't exist either.
: even though many people have went to those movie theatres and saw
: versions of the movies.
Those are not "widescreen versions" of the movies...
They are butchered and cropped versions of the movies.

No real widescreen versions actually exist[ed].

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