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Missing some soundtrack on Finding Nemo DVD

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Hi, I am not sure where to ask this question; let me know....
I was trying different features on my tv and stereo while watching
Finding Nemo, and noticed that with the sound coming from the TV only,
an actors voice trailed away, and we miss part of what he says. Same
thing for the receiver set on "stereo." But I tried it with the
receiver set on Prologic, and you hear the rest of what the actor
says. Any ideas?

Some details:
New toshiba dvd player.
Pioneer Prologic Receiver, 2 speakers only.
Ancient TV, but stereo.
Panasonic VCR.

We use RCA connectors from the DVD to VCR inputs (I know, don't say
it!) and co-axial cable from VCR to TV for sound and audio. RCA audio
out from VCR to receiver for audio. It actually works quite well, so
long as we don't try to record a dvd.

The part of the movie is where the ray takes the kids out to school.
He is singing about the reef, something like "...seaweed is cool,
seaweed is fun. It gets its food from the rays of the sun." On stereo,
we miss the last sentence or so about the sun.

I am not trying to pick apart the movie; I quite liked it. I just want
to learn about my system and how to use it. It seems to me that the
sound may be directed to the rear speaker - but shouldn't all the
channels be mixed in together for stereo playback?

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