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Temporary DVD's Bombing...

Nomen Nescio
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On 30 Oct 2003 22:34:55 GMT, Removed) (Nick Macpherson) wrote:

>The whole thing is a bad idea. The only way I can see
>something like this working is if the DVDs weren't disposable, and what you
>were buying for 6.99 was the bare-bones movie, no extras, no inserts, etc.
>Something like that might work.

Or if they were disposable and sold for $2 - $3 dollars. The one and only
reason this is a failure is that the price is too high. Make it cheap and
people will buy it.

$6.99??? that's more expensive than PPV.

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Scot Gardner
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"Stan Brown" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed).. .
<<Lots of people go to the grocery store twice a week, or even more
often. For them, renting a DVD at the grocery store is great because
it's one less stop.>>

Yeah, and these people will be going back to the grocery store even more
often to avoid late fees.

And on the return trip, they might pick up a carton of cigarettes and/or
a case of beer.

These grocery store managers aren't stupid.

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<< For them, renting a DVD at the grocery store is great because
it's one less stop >>

Or it's the only stop... friends of mine in Nederland Colorado, the grocery is
all they have (no wait... there IS a video store) but they have an account at
the grocery video store... Blockbuster hasn't made it that far into the hils
yet I guess.
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