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Naiko N2810DVD Multi=Region + VCD

Alex Marshall
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This is the 28" Widescreen TV/DVD Combo sold in Safeways (UK). As standard
it is only capable of playing region 2 DVD's and also MP3 files (although
that was not a advertised function). Apparently this crack seems to be hard
to find, so i'm posting it here so people can look it up on google. It will
read all the CD-R and CD-RW discs I have used with it.

I don't have any DVD's from another region yet so, not 100% sure if that
works- although , the hiddden menu etc. does appear and enabling VCD support
works, so I hope it is ok. Acknowledgement about this would be appreciated.

On the main screen (on DVD mode (top left red button on the remote, with no
DVD inserted)...
1) Press EJECT button on remote control
2) Press SETUP button
3) Press RIGHT ARROW button
4) Press LEFT ARROW button
5) Press DOWN ARROW button
6) Press UP ARROW button
7) Press DISPLAY button (The secret menu appears at this point)
Select desired region
eg 1=region 1,
2=region 2
0=multi region using from the numbered buttons (for the DVD)
Also note that button 8 enables VCD support.
9) Press EXIT button
10) Turn the power off to the TV.

Hopefully that should work.

Hope this helps.


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