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The dog from that film you saw
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all on ebay, i ship worldwide - many ending in the next few hours.

naked lunch
bio cops
rawhead rex
dahmer the cannibal
vampires 2
dead waters
i don't want to be born
st johns wort
warrior and the sorceress
beyond the darkness (joe d'amato)
barking dogs never bite
hana bi
chinese torture chamber story
crime of a beast 2
phantom of the opera
house 4
house of seven corpses
invasion of the blood farmers
kids from shaolin
kickboxer 3
natural born killers
the others
night of the demons 3
the wraith
crying freeman
dirty tiger crazy frog
slumber party massacre 3
hapiness of the katakuris
the art of fighting 10 film pack
the convent
the day after
the ring
tomie forbidden fruit
black mask 2
mark of the devil
a ma soeur
dawn of the dead 2 disc edition
dawn of the mummy
bad taste + good taste
jason goes to hell
the uncanny (peter cushing anthology)
meet the feebles
the sorcerers
hands of the ripper
bruce lee jeet kune do
fright night 10 film pack
dr lamb
the new york ripper including soundtrack
the eternal evil of asia
love thy neigbour series 1
deadtime stories 10 film pack
troll/ troll 2
the quiet earth
ebola syndrome
bloody buns
bride of re-animator
the untold story
cannibal man
children shouldn't play with dead things
city of the lost children
cat o nine tails
death race 2000
dog soldiers
donnie darko
dracula 2002 DTS edition
fatal flying guillotine
grand prix the golden years
virgin among the living dead
lair of the white worm
the addiction
mario bava shock
my schoolmate the barbarian
piranha 2
the phone (korean horror)
psychadelic cop
they live
night of the demons 2
body bags
red to kill
run and kill
a simple plan
the eel
sorority house massacre 2
sorority house massacre
the gate
dead or alive final
tales from the darkside
tales of the unusual
the 18 bronze men
the full monty
the giant spider invasion
the untold story 3
vampire vs vampire

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