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Re: Worst DVD Commentary tracks?

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"The Magically Delicious Mr. H***" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> I know this subject has probably been breached before, but I've just had
> the opportunity to listen to director John Howard Davies' commentary on
> the first four episodes of "Fawlty Towers" and I don't think I've ever
> experienced something so painful, in terms of a commentary track, which
> prior to this ordeal were supposed to be an enjoyable, and often times
> educational way to pass the time with a film, or television series one
> has an affinity for. That ideal is now shattered.
> I don't know what kind of health problems John Howard Davies, may or may
> not have, but the commentary is filled with minutes, upon minutes of him
> gasping for air, when he isn't doing that, he's drinking something, and
> of course he's wearing a microphone so it sounds like we're actually
> inside John Howard Davies' throat as whatever it is he's drinking comes
> washing down in a torrent not unlike the sound of someone doing a
> kegger.
> I said that John Howard Davies, sounds like he's gasping for air, which
> isn't entirely true, in reality he sounds very much like some one
> performing an obscene phone call with heavy breathing that goes on
> Then, there are the l----o----n----g stretches of silence which are
> usually broken up by more heavy breathing, and then one or two comments.
> When he actually does talk some of the information is interesting, but
> other times he's seems to have forgotten the episodes, and then
> neglected to watch them prior to the commentary recording to brush up
> where he could've jotted out some of the things he wanted to say.
> Had they gotten someone else involved in the show to sit in with him to
> have more of a conversational atmosphere this could have been a decent
> commentary, as it presently stands I don't think it should have been
> released in this condition.
> ..
> Mr. Hole

Try listening to John Hughes droning on about his "important" films. I would
rather have root canal without freezing. I would prefer that my screw driver
was made by a company called Blackened Pecker. I would..well, you get the

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