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Should I update to FF 1.5?

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      12-22-2005 Removed) in news:(E-Mail Removed):

> On Thu, 15 Dec 2005 21:45:01 -0800, gwtc
> <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>(E-Mail Removed) wrote:
>>> I'm still running FF 1.0.
>>> Two reasons.
>>> 1. I hate having to reinstall all my settings and patches (or whatever
>>> those things are called)
>>> 2. I am running FF on an old computer that is below the minimum
>>> requirements for FF 1.0 (Pentium 233 w/ 32 megs ram).

in large urban areas, you can buy a box (20gb, 128 ram, 1.? celeron) for <~$300, so people toss <400mhz into the recycling.

>>> I like FF, but it runs slow on this computer.


>>Otherwise, I would stick with the firefox that you have.

if you don't *need* extensions or convenience, you might try k-meleon. but you would want want of the patch upgraded builds
for security reasons?
caveat: i tried a few of these 'update build' versions this summer and fall, but they tended to crash. (on win-me)
they all load really fast, though.

i haven't tried:

there's also at least one DOS browser. i have no idea if it/they choke/s on css or other 'modern' webcraft.

often recommended collection, but may not help, since it's historical (obsolete stuff is likely)

opera 8 is about the same dl size 4mb, and may not load faster. the free version of older, faster ver might still be "ad ware", but
v8 is freeware. also older ver may not be secure.

>>upgrades, as far as I'm concerned, eat up lots of ram. I would,
>>however, try and upgrade to 1.0.7. If you installed any extensions into
>>the Program Directory, then you'll have to reinstall those into the
>>profile directory. If you do this, then uninstall 1.0 first, then
>>install the 1.0.7.

> Thanks
> I'll give this a try tomorrow and see what happens.
> I'll hold off on 1.5
> I live in a very rural area. It's impossible to get computer stuff
> around here. Maybe I can find an online supplier thats not Ebay and
> stands behind his stuff.
> Thanks again

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Splibbilla <(E-Mail Removed)> in

> there's also at least one DOS browser. i have no idea if it/they
> choke/s on css or other 'modern' webcraft.
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