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No Frills DVD Review: THE CORE

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No Frills DVD Review: THE CORE

I was hoping for another CRACK IN THE WORLD but was disappointed. This
movie can't decide if it wants to be tongue in cheek or serious, it
plays both sides.

It has its good parts:
- The special effects sequences are exciting and well done. The
successful crash landing of the space shuttle orbiter Endeavor in Los
Angeles, for example, was ridiculous but very exciting.
- The casting is quite good. Characters are not wooden.
- The DVD documentaries about special effects production are well done
and show off features the crew have right to be proud of.
- The story is different from what we usually see - I think "outrageous"
is a good way to describe it.

But it has bad parts as well:
- The science portion of the plot has really big holes.
- Luck and coincidence play too big a role to take the ending seriously.
- Stanley Tucci's wig.
- Hot Pockets product placement.

But it's a good rental, I think. I just think I'd appreciate it more if
I were ten years old.

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