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Re: X-Files sets prices

Scott P
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On Wed, 27 Aug 2003 07:06:45 -0500, "Jay G" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

><(E-Mail Removed)> wrote...
>> How come the X-Files season sets are so damn expensive? For example, the
>> X-Files sets goes for around $110-$130, while the sets for "24" goes
>> for $50, and they are both from Fox?

>X-Files was one of the first (possibly *the* first) TV show released in
>season box-sets on DVD. When the first season was released, DVD
>was still in its infancy and had a smaller user base. It was also unknown
>how much or how little one could charge and still make a profit. So
>it was released with a SRP of $150, which was a bargain compared
>to the VHS releases.
>As time went on and DVD increased in popularity, studios started
>releasing TV box sets for lower and lower prices. However,
>X-Files has stayed at the same price, probably because it's
>proven able to make a sizable profit at that price.

I also think it has to do with marketing. Companies have it in their
heads that cartoons are for kids and shows featuring teens, like
Buffy, are for kids. As such they assume someone other than the
target audience (namely, mom and dad) will be shelling out the bucks
for the DVD sets so they keep those prices low.

Star Trek and the X-Files on the other hand have fanatical adult
audiences that they know will shell out the bucks so you get the $100+

The jokes on them since most likely the same audience watches all of
those shows so they get hosed on a few titles but do Okay on most
others. Shhh. don't let them know.

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