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The film on this DVD is not great, but I still enjoy it quite a lot, for
several reasons:

- I always enjoy Charlton Heston's convincing turns at science fiction.
While he doesn't drive around in a convertible shooting zombies here,
it's till fun to watch him play the grizzled investigator on the take
who gradually uncovers An Awful Secret.

- It's Edward G. Robinson's last film, and he steals every scene he's in.

- The story line is vintage 60's SF - an overpopulated world,
environmentally destroyed, harbors An Awful Secret.

- The commentary by director Richard Fleischer and Leigh Taylor-Young is
surprisingly informative.

Unfortunately, the sound and image on this DVD are pretty thin,
reflecting, probably, the quality of what was available. You could say
that adds to the "period" feel of the movie, right along with the
uninspired music. But what really hurts the film is Richard Fleischer's
pedestrian, uninspired direction. Just as with 20,000 Leagues Under the
Sea, his skills on display here can best be described as workmanlike,
with some of the best scenes (e.g., the "feast" where Heston and
Robinson pig out on real food) being improvised by the actors.

But despite the drawbacks, the film is well worth a look if only because
it's an example that it really was possible in the "old days" for a
mainstream Hollywood to come up with a really unusual film now and then.

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