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Re: Roger Avary's Commentary Track on Day of Dead

Joseph S. Powell, III
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"Harold Butterass" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:Ula1b.179617$(E-Mail Removed)...
> I didn't know much about this guy and did some research on who he was
> and why he was making a commentary track for the movie and was surprised
> to find out that
> 1) he has never met George Romero
> 2) worked in the same videostore as Quentin Tarantino before they became
> famous writers and directors.
> In essence, his commentary was a fanboy track. He has great love for
> the film and revealed that he originally disliked the film upon its
> initial release -- a feeling shared by many Dawn of the Dead enthusiasts
> -- but over time had gained an appreciation of the movie that turned
> into deep respect and admiration.
> I myself love the film and even enjoy it more than the first two films
> in the trilogy which would place me in the minority within the genre so
> I welcomed the insight of someone else who shared my passion.
> Roger's one pet peeve about the movie is the soundtrack. He thought it
> should have been performed by Goblin. I thought that was unfair to John
> Harrison who I thought did a great job with the soundtrack. It was
> moody throughout in the right places yet never manipulative.

I agree - the soundtrack is perfect the way it is, and seems to resonate
that mid-80's groove.......

> Roger still holds an attachment to Dawn of the Dead in this area.
> The one negative about getting a "fanboy" commentary track is the person
> doesn't have much insight into the actual process of making the movie
> and working with the actors. Roger is not a film historian so his
> perspective is not too far removed from your own (you get a lot of "this
> upcoming scene is awesome"..."check out this effect"). While it
> validates your own enthusiam and interest, it leaves you wanting a bit

> All in all, a worthy addition to the DVD.

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